VPN & Proxy SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN Review

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Building a reputation in the field of VPN in a very short time, SaferVPN has made use of its existence since 2013. Utilizing strong U.S. connections, this Israel-based company has more than 100 dedicated servers worldwide with unlimited speed, bandwidth, and location switching that can make the most technologically savvy individual blush.

The apps for SaferVPN are available for almost all of the operating systems on the market today, including iOS, which gives the users the ability to utilize this service on a broad range of devices.

SaferVPN doesn’t want to harm its users’ privacy. Their logging process consists only of time stamping the times and dates of use, the IP used to connect and IP of individual VPN server used. No in-depth information is accumulated involving specifics of visited websites, uploads or downloads during the web session.


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For those seeking a complete VPN service, SaferVPN claims that they provide the perfect blend of security, simplicity, and anonymity. Granting access from many different devices and operating systems, this service also provides and utilizes a wide range of dedicated servers globally.

Aside from the company’s own protocols, there is a wider variety of similarly used protocols that SaferVPN supports, such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. Also allowing for unlimited switching of servers with no additional costs, there are no bandwidth limitations, regardless of the plan or server you choose. The encryption alone (2048 bit) is stronger than what many companies, banks included, use to protect their data.


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Though there is a lack of support for certain torrents, the speeds at which SaferVPN provides for media streaming, downloading and more are almost twice the speeds of its competitors. Being tested on a range of countries and servers, there was no denying its swiftness while being recorded near maximum bandwidth. Even the sites that load to a different base speed of those abroad, SaferVPN shown no trouble giving a faster result.


SaferVPN’s price ranges are fair in comparison to competitors. SaferVPN also offers new users a 24-hour free trial without asking for a credit card number, and they back their service with a money back guarantee of 15 days. The separate packages create a range of separate prices, but as stated previously, if compared to others, it is more than reasonable for even a single package at $5.99 per month.


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The customer support does not feed into an automated phone system that causes more issues than solutions. Instead SaferVPN brings to the table a live text chat that provides highly responsive and coherent help. The FAQ on their website also covers many areas of concern, rather than a generalized list of questions created by a writer who has no knowledge of the product.


Offering a clear ease of use, SaferVPN creates an emphasis on it when designing more than just their website but also their professional and clean VPN clients. It is ridiculously easy to use this service no matter what platform you are on, be it iOS, Android, Windows, or OS X.

Advanced options ranging to be sufficient for the more confident of users, the registration and setup is even quicker and easier when compared to others. This is a very comprehensive VPN service that is found to be more than just decent.

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