Tools Pingdom Review: Site Uptime & Performance Monitoring

Pingdom Review: Site Uptime & Performance Monitoring

pingdom review

To build a profitable and popular website, you need reliable uptime and exceptional page loading speed. That’s why webmasters always want to go for the fastest and most efficient web hosting provider. But such promises are made by all web hosts, and knowing what their true performance is can be challenging.

Pingdom is what you need to monitor your websites better. This highly useful uptime supervising service will let you know your site’s true performance. Let’s take a look at this monitoring tool and review the key factors that could make it a vital part of your website setup.


pingdom review overview

Pingdom focuses on making your site faster and more reliable. It provides various services and creates easy-to-use tools, so that performance and uptime can be easily monitored, no matter how small or big your website is.

The monitoring system doesn’t require installation of software or code changes on your website. All that is needed is for you to provide your site’s address and choose your interval for monitoring. If the dreaded “site is offline” occurs, Pingdom will alert you, using multiple methods including Twitter, SMS, email, etc. Moreover, while sending the news, Pingdom will automatically analyze the problem and tell you how to fix it quickly.


pingdom review overview

There are different monitoring solutions that Pingdom offers, including Starter, Standard, and Enterprise, with discounted prices that range from $13.59 to $454 a month. These numbers are valid only for yearly subscription and come with a 14-day free trial. You can also opt for a monthly billing cycle, which is priced from $14.95 to $495 a month. We recommend choosing the yearly plan to save the most.


pingdom review features

According to Pingdom, the professional plan offers the greatest value, and this is the one that we decided to analyze in-depth. It comes with exclusive benefits of 250 checks, subdomain monitoring, multi-user login, and 500 SMS warnings. There are also numerous other features included, like checking tags, public status page, discounts on SMS, and RUM tags.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are also available. In addition to these rich features, Pingdom’s biggest highlight is its use of an intuitive and easy-to-handle interface, which neatly provides all the data related to speed and uptime.


pingdom review support

When using a monitoring service, you may come across a variety of problems and get confused about how to handle them. To ensure this does not happen, the company offers a hotline and email for website managers to contact the support staff. You can also check out the FAQ for answers.

We found Pingdom to be an efficient and reliable tool to boost your website’s performance. It does what it advertises and will have your back should you encounter any problems. If you want to consider alternatives, check out our other articles and reviews about monitoring tools.