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Ookla Speed Test Review

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Presented with a common issue for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the internet capabilities have a tendency to fall short of what is expected and advertised. Many reasons can cause the slowing of your internet speed and connections. Because of this, we are always searching for a way to enhance and diagnose the causes of these issues.

With the Ookla Speed Test, it has been a successful action as according to consumer reviews and opinions. The basic operations, details and aspects of this service are more than capable to back up the reputation that their users have given them.

Interesting features

One of the nicest features of this speed test is the availability for devices throughout the household. Being able to efficiently test, diagnose and improve the connection and speed of your Android and iOS platforms with a reliable company is ideal for everyone. They are consistent and leave the option open for their users to expand through their devices by using the familiar process instead of having to focus on many different apps and sites that do different checks, and show inadequate results.

A fun feature about this is the graphics, and results are easily shared throughout email and social media. The ability to brag to your friends about your improvements and help your co-workers increase their efficiency is something that is both practical and self-satisfying. Also, if you want to take the route being able to forward the graphic results to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and complain about why you are paying for a service that is less than what the capabilities are proven to hold.

Functionality and purpose

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Being a highly sophisticated broadband testing tool, Ookla Speed Test puts the analysis of the connection details into user’s palm. The service is completely free to use and it provides many locations around the globe for testing to anyone who is interested in the performance of their internet. Moreover, the site allows you to view the performance history and compare the results to local reviews and around the world.

Though it does not provide solutions to increase the speed directly, you are able to diagnose the available connection speed and compare it to the provided speed so you can go about increasing the actual speed of your connection. Being well designed and functional, this site also offers an easy on the eyes speedometer that helps you identify the accurate speed, track upgrade results and other dials that read out information important to your connection.


It has been a recommended site for years and to this day still used by many providers around the world to maintain and deliver the best possible results available to consumers. With the added Pingtest feature to assess streaming and video capacities of your ISP, is without a doubt one of the best internet speed test sites out there.

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  1. I’ve been a registered member on Ookla for a few years now. It is just one of two sites I use to test my net speeds. This is a very useful site. Thank you for making it.