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MonitorUs site is a free monitoring tool for your server to track uptime. It has a number of useful and interesting features to try. The service is completely customizable which is very important for advanced users. Aside from just the monitoring of your site’s uptimes, it also gives you the ability to keep an eye on your page load time, server performance and network. Another great feature for you to utilize is mobile monitoring to keep you informed via SMS and emails.’ features and benefits

One of the more interesting features you are able to access with is the Open API Monitoring. This is a function that allows for complete customization of your specific site’s needs. You are able to manage how you are monitored and what is focused on while creating your own setup on several different servers to aid you in the maintenance and management of your business. Though there is little to no hassle in the customization, has an extensive library with unique monitoring motors that may save you some time in creating the one perfect for your site.

With the all-in-one monitoring solution from you can receive multiple benefits without having to use multiple services that can cover a vast field of your IT needs. Timely alerts about your averages are available, reducing any fret of unknown downtimes by focusing on a 24/7 monitoring coverage for your servers, networks, applications and websites. provides quality and operational control of your IT services and systems’ overall performance from one dashboard. Minimizing the risk of critical failures in the infrastructure of your IT department, you are able to reduce any of the costs due to maintenance.

Page load time monitoring

Monitoring the page load time can help increase a business’ revenue and traffic on a regular basis. This is because there are many pages out there that take so long to load that people get impatient or just can’t wait. What do they do? They close your site and go searching for a quicker loading one to fulfill their needs. offers a detailed monitoring clock time for each aspect of your site’s loading, creating timelines of the sections clocked, and provides solutions to the problems to make the page itself more convenient for the visitors to view.

Website monitoring

website monitoring

Last of the more interesting features, and one of the more satisfying, is the website monitoring. Taking only three minutes to set up, this is a surefire way to manage and track the uptime, downtime and maintenance time of your site.

The absolute best thing about this service is, no software installs. It operates strictly off cloud to store, run, access and monitor your site. By doing this, not only allows easy storage and smooth processes, it is safer for the environment because the cloud servers use less energy in comparison to other services and servers that would normally handle such processes.

We would recommend this free service to anyone who seeks to manage their own website with ease and accuracy while not being stressed out by manual monitoring.

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