VPN & Proxy IPVanish VPN Service Review

IPVanish VPN Service Review

IPVanish site review

IPVanish has began to expand and grow its functionality since they have became known, running with increased speeds and fully supporting zero logs policy. They have upped their game and security putting the vanish in your IP.

Prices and features

Offering only a single simple plan with different subscription lengths, you get the same service no matter how long you subscribe for. For each extended subscription, the price per month drops lower providing affordable pricing for preferable service. Accepting a wide range of payment options such as credit card, Bitcoin and PayPal, for a limited amount of time you can receive 20% off with the use of a WAIT code. Backing their performance with a 7-day money back guarantee, their pricing offers are hard to compare with.

IPVanish features

The features prove IPVanish as one of the top VPN providers on the market today, offering a Tier 1 network with servers in over 50 countries globally including the UK and US. The creators went above and beyond offering their servers in many exotic locations such as Panama and Egypt. No connection logs, or any logs for that matter offering L2TP and PPTP, as well as OpenVPN with the ability to install the software on an unlimited number of computers and mobile devices.

Privacy details and sign up

IPVanish how it works

Being torrent accessible, this service provides some of the utmost heights of security to its users with shared IPs, and only requires an email address to sign up. From the beginning of your install, you are able to make sure that your data and identity are secured. Being possible to sign up with more than just a provided email, it still guarantees data security.

As stated previously, you are able to choose from OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP connections with 128- and 256-bit respectively. With a Privacy policy, Terms of Service, and DMCA outline that is fairly transparent, they still maintain and believe in their zero logs policy. It makes it impossible to identify someone, even if requested to do so.

Website and support

The website itself provides details and clear easy-to-find information that is both impressive and appealing to users. There is a personal Control Panel that is made very well as it is easy to navigate, with a layout not to be scuffed at. There is useful server information list with all the important information presented in the open to increase the ease of browsing through the site itself.

Unfortunately, they do not provide 24/7 support, but they do have live support during working hours. And to help those after working hours there is the FAQ page where they can find anything they need. This FAQ guide has an impressive layout of setup guides that do not compare to those of other sites, with a very in-depth questions and answers list that is more than helpful.

More than that, for tech support they have a ticket system that answers quickly and helpfully. Accompanying their excellent expert support team and the well-constructed FAQ, there are many helpful forums that can contain information and comments by employees and users alike.

Windows and other platforms

ipvanish windows screenshot

IPVanish 2.0 supports all major devices and operating systems, it even has an Android and iOS app. Their version for Windows offers very simple settings allowing you to choose connection and location type through several methods of map view, speed, location and so on. Giving the option to change your IP periodically on launch as well, there are even tabs that are connected to your account and support porting from the website directly.

IPVanish android

Developed by Mudhook Marketing Inc, the parent company of IPVanish, the Android app provides you with a strong connection via OpenVPN and the iOS app allows to use PPTP/L2TP. They also allow for a manual configuration on other protocols if you feel you need to change things up. We did compare the app results to those of the computer software, only to be satisfied with the results found on all systems.


Labeled as ‘basic,’ the app was found to be quite adequate. The speeds that were achieved held nose and nose with those of the computer. Giving IPVanish the usual tests, there were no DNS leaks, and all security and IP tests came back clear across all platforms. As expected, IPVanish was satisfyingly excellent.

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