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With a quick registry and reasonable prices, is very effective and efficient in monitoring the uptime of websites as well as the downtime. There are many features surrounding the perimeters of this service that give it an advantageous edge over other similar services that can fall short on their notification systems. Using many different alert types to keep you posted with the activities and status of your website, this service adds a needed ease to the maintenance of your websites using alerts such as SMS, email, Hangouts, Skype, voice call. They also ensure the elimination of false alerts to your notification choices. Not being left in the dark or leaving any business or site partners in the dark of updates of your progress and uptimes is an ideal concept many have overlooked. offers you around the clock monitoring and reports of uptime and response time giving you alerts of maintenance scheduling and database monitoring. They have an instant check available and can offer you many more services in the process of tracking your site to maintain the proper functioning of it. Thanks to it, you can eliminate your downtime and increase its uptime.

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With reporting systems, there are a vast number of options that are offered and provided for you to best utilize your website uptime and maintenance reports. Aside from emailing you the reports, they make them available for you to share with your customers and partners. It is needed to provide any information of your downtime and progress to support your involvement with said site to assure your traffic, inputting customized uptime buttons and graphs for the site. You receive reports based off data from daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and quarterly history. also offers other important and useful functions for websites that many site owners seem to not consider when they create them. offers keyword checks on the page and port testing for multiple protocol monitoring involving ping testing to ensure the optimum response time of your site is provided. Their multi-protocol monitoring involves HTTP, HTTPS, Port, Ping, FTP, SSH, POP3, IMAP, RDP, SMTP and many more.

With more than 50+ locations, distribution monitoring is offered for multi-location problem detection. This also brings the ability to check your domain and IP address’ presence in DNS black lists to ensure that your visitors and prospects can really view your site and it isn’t blocked. service is highly recommended to anyone who is in possession of a website for their business, blog, product or services. There are no software downloads and you are guaranteed the safety of your personal information and your website to avoid being intruded on by those you do not want to be involved. The pricing is fair, but a free 30-day trial is available to ensure yourself that it is a service you are in need of and worth paying for.