VPN & Proxy HideMyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss VPN Review

Hide My Ass

Established in 2005, HideMyAss has become a respected and well-known VPN service. Offering over 100,000 IP addresses across over 100 countries, it has become one of the largest proxy clients recognized by many major tech-related publications. Offering both paid and free services to satisfy the needs of all users, new servers are being added just about every week with no signs of slowing down.

Along with the free service that they offer, they do have more advanced features and options available for their paid services that range in price on scale from monthly, half a year and yearly. Their base service is close to 10 dollars a month. However, the price is reduced by a monthly rate when you opt out for the 6-month or yearlong service. Backed by a generous 30-day money back guarantee, customers have the options of their plans based on the services they require.

Features and privacy

Hidemyass benefits

HideMyAss’ useful features and unparalleled privacy protection have been recognized widely. They even went as far as bringing a new feature to the mix, Secure IP Binding, which increases the security for the users and sharers of P2P processes. Starting as a ‘standalone’ proxy service, this market-leading service now enables users to surf with complete anonymity while being able to gain access to region-specific websites.


With their original VPN encryption, HideMyAss also promotes the world’s highest database of open proxies for the public, secure file uploads and downloads, anonymous email functions and more. Unlimited bandwidth and traffic are offered across all connections of VPN and revered by the stability and speed that is associated with it. With a vast range of included protocols, HideMyAss utilizes OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and more technologies in their servers in most major countries globally.

Unlike most, if not all, of the services offered for VPN streaming, downloading/uploading and gaming, HideMyAss has a built-in tool that tests the speed differences of servers from multiple locations. Then it offers the users suggestions of the best connection available for them. Some options which are commonly given don’t loose more than 10% of speed on connections with the label ‘high speed browsing.’

HideMyAss also offers the ability to switch among servers on your own accord without loss of data or security breach. This feature makes it more attractive for those of Pan-American and Pan-European connections.

Customer support

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The customer service aspect of HideMyAss actually offers more options of reaching out to technical support via web chats, email inquiries, and phone calls with respects to the business hours in the UK. They respond with representatives that are both knowledgeable and experienced in the services that are requiring support. Aside from these options, there a very engaging VPN discussion community located on the HideMyAss website giving both the site and users a wonderful reputation for technical support.


All in all, HideMyAss is possibly the best service for a secure, fast and user-friendly VPN. They have excellent prices that only increase the appeal that is provided by the features and functions that have caused generous reviews from tech magazines and users alike. Offering functions that other respectable VPN networks have not yet utilized, they are creating the top level of data security out there for professional and personal using.