VPN & Proxy ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review

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With a number of servers and impressive speeds supporting their clean interface for all of the supplied services, ExpressVPN has proven its status of a top provider. Backing their impressive discounts for long-term usage, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee to those who use their services. Setting it aside from other VPN providers, however, they have introduced the local payment options to their payment plans, such as Alipay, WebMoney, CashU, UnionPay, Giropay, Paysafecard, and more.

Features and performance

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Having recently released its 4.0 client, ExpressVPN is living up to its great reputation by providing dedicated apps for a multitude of devices, while also maintaining Mac and Windows support. It offers an easy-to-access service for any connection type: Wi-Fi, cellular, or wired. Their payment packages allow for multiple devices to connect simultaneously. The better the subscription, the more devices can be connected.

Their performance has gained reviews that only lift their reputation to greater heights, providing three main security protocols and multiple servers in over 75 countries. Their true dedication is making sure their software is easily streamlined and usable by those who subscribe.

Optimized specifically for the mobile apps performance, their website is also a wonderful visual reminder of their dedication to providing the best service possible. Tested on a regular basis from every point of use, their speed tests and DNS Leak tests have proven to be 100% reliable, with none of the actual IP and DNS numbers showing.

Privacy and dedicated security

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Although the bandwidth provided is already excellent, it is possible for users to increase the speed slightly by utilizing PPTP or L2TP, which are also supported on their mobile apps. Employing OpenVPN as a standard protocol, ExpressVPN provides security with 256-Bit encryption. Homing itself in the British Virgin Islands, it isn’t restricted under the US Data Retention or EU DRD laws, the focus is solely on the customers’ privacy.

Being a Financial supporter of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), they accept payments for their services from such options as Bitcoin and only require an email address to sign up. To prevent a single IP trackback, they support shared IPs and refuse to keep traffic logs.

Website and support

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ExpressVPN offers a clean, easy on the eyes, navigable website that does not overwhelm visitors with unwanted clutter and dead links. Providing a true definition of 24/7 support, their experienced and well-trained tech team provides quick replies that helps solve problems straight away.

The website itself also provides in-depth details and step-by-step screenshots to help with the setup. Their chats are logged to provide future support for those who could suffer similar issues, or if you have similar problems down the line and different solutions are needed.

Windows, Android, and Signing Up

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As previously said, signing up requires only your email address to confirm your existence. After receiving the e-mail, you are redirected to the download page, and now you are ready to begin. Installing your downloaded software on Windows is easy, and instead of logging in with account details, you get a verification code that needs to be copied and pasted.

With a simplistic home screen and the ease of allowing you to select your choice of server, ExpressVPN offers the best connection option with the click of a button to obtain optimal speeds. The only downside of this feature is that it shouldn’t be used if you wish to access geo-restricted websites.

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Though OpenVPN is set as the default protocol, you are allowed to change the protocol in the settings for a slight speed increase with the option of a speed test. The software does perform the way it should, and the settings are very simple to navigate through.

Streamlined as efficiently as the Windows software, the Android app has the same simple protocols for signing up and downloading. With a manual setup through the native client, you are able to choose from PTPP and L2TP, allowing you to use different countries. Taking a little longer to connect, not by much, however, it is a swift and easy process to select your connection while providing helpful service links. Speed tests for the Android app prove a favorable result compared to those done for the Windows client.