Hardware Emergency Patch Issued by Seagate

Emergency Patch Issued by Seagate

Hacker stealing data

Serious flaws and potential malicious attacks on your files may be affecting your Seagate wireless external hard drive. Don’t be so worried, however, Seagate has issued a patch to fix this problem. Primarily attacking owners of the Seagate Mobile Storage and LaCie Fuel devices, the flaw was discovered to be able to reach out and affect other Seagate products as well.

Using a command line method of logging from one computer over a local network or internet to a targeted computer, attackers are finding access to undocumented services thanks to hard-coded passwords and usernames. Utilizing this flaw, the attacker would be able to launch malicious attacks, steal files and take full control over your external hard drive. Added threat to this is that the hard-coded login is considered “root” for both password and username.

Another flaw of this allows attackers unbarred file download capabilities when within range of the devices’ wireless network, as well as uploading any file chosen to a vulnerable device. By doing so, they can compromise the device and any other devices that it connects to with malicious files.

Being a severe vulnerability, Seagate’s website offers the patch for upgrading your device from to If you are unsure that your drive is affected or in need of this patch, you can enter your serial number in the Download Finder to search for an update.