Hosting Dreamhost Web Hosting Review

Dreamhost Web Hosting Review

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Dreamhost happens to have a large list of features that will certainly satisfy your business- or personal-related web hosting needs. The company has managed WordPress, VPS, dedicated and shared plans with plenty of options for any webmaster to build an attractive yet flexible site.

Unfortunately, if you have not built a website or maintained a site, you may find Dreamhost a bit intimidating, simply because this web host doesn’t do a lot of hand holding. With that being said, if you have the right skills to build sites, then you will find the flexible packages from Dreamhost very appealing.

Dreamhost happens to have a great money back guarantee. According to the terms of service, you are able to cancel your web hosting service within 97 days of your sign up and will have the money refunded. That type of flexibility is a welcomed feature considering that most services only offer 15 to 30 days.

Shared hosting packages

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Dreamhost has a tierless shared hosting plan starting at $10.95 monthly and offers unlimited domains, emails, disk storage space, and monthly data transfers as well. Dreamhost will give you first domain for free, but for any additional domains you will have to pay the registration fee for them.

If you are looking for monthly hosting option from Dreamhost, then be prepared to look for it thoroughly, as it is buried within the site.

VPS hosting

Dreamhost has Linux-based VPS hosting that starts at $15 monthly for business that need more power or expect higher traffic. The VPS plans offer unlimited storage, monthly data transfer, and email which is a very nice perk. The memory base is low and gives you only 300MB of RAM. Higher tiers will give you a max of 16GB of RAM for $249 monthly.

Dedicated hosting

Dreamhost’s options for dedicated server packages start at $169 monthly. It is different from their competitors which offer you 1TB of storage and the ability to configure servers with up to 16GB of RAM but you do get unlimited data transfers monthly, which is a big deal for those who have high traffic sites.

Unfortunately, Dreamhost does not have Windows-based dedicated servers, it is all Linux-based.

Dream delayed

Signing up for Dreamhost is very straightforward, but you cannot get started right away. A banner shows up, stating that Dreamhost would contact you when the account is ready. The wait time could be almost 5 hours before you can even receive an email stating that your account is set up and you are able now to get started.

The user interface for Dreamhost is well laid out and simple to understand and it makes getting started easy. Dreamhost gives you a tree of menu options that are located on the left side of the screen. It is very easy to find the billing information, view settings for VPS as well as dedicated servers, and manage domains. There is not any issue in finding the security options or the third-party app marketplace. What is impossible to find is the website builder to start the site, which comes to find out Dreamhost does not even offer a website builder.

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You will have to create your site somewhere else and then use FTP to be able to upload it to the Dreamhost account.

You do have the option to install third-party applications like Joomla, concrete5, MediaWiki, GetSimple, Textpattern, Pligg, WordPress, and MODx Evolution to be able to build your site. If you want a photo gallery, then you can get Piwigo or the web-publishing platform for galleries, archive collections, and museums like Omeka. There are plenty of options for building your own website.

Once you have a site, then you will be able to use the mobile site builder under the domain menu to create a mobile optimized website, which happens to be a nice option.

Managed WordPress blog

Dreamhost managed wordpress hosting

Dreamhost also offers managed WordPress hosting, known as DreamPress, which starts at $19.95 monthly. Dreamhost will install and update this popular content management system software, so you are able to enjoy daily backups as well as unlimited email, monthly data transfers, free WordPress themes and storage.


You will get a 14-day trial with CafeCommerce when you sign up with Dreamhost. This will let you build an online store and it gives you the option to create unlimited pages for plenty of products, manage your orders and inventory, and customize templates as well as generate coupon codes. Alternatively, you can simply install ZenCard from the install menu.


Dreamhost gives you antispam for email but not antimalware services. Although, there are other parts to its web security that you will like. The control panel has a link that will let you edit the .htaccess file that controls the access to the site or to set up a password. You do have to set up your own SSL certificate though.


Website uptime is vital to hosting services. If your site is down, then customers and clients will not be able to find or access your services or products.

The data that was revealed over a two-week period of uptime has shown that Dreamhost is incredibly stable.


If you like to use your own tools to build your website, or build a site elsewhere and then upload it via FTP, and it sounds like something that you are able to handle, then you need to check out Dreamhost. Anyone who is less experienced should possibly look elsewhere for a hosting service that has more hand holding and support.

Although you should consider that Dreamhost gives you 97 days to explore their services, and you have nothing to lose by trying it out first and you have a lot to gain. Thanks to the security options and extensive tools, unlimited storage, domains, bandwidth, email as well as a generous money-back guarantee, Dreamhost is perfect for anyone who has the experience to develop their very own website and have plenty of time to do so.