VPN & Proxy CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost Review

Cyberghost review

CyberGhost is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with its headquarters in Romania. They have built a stellar reputation within the industry, being a reliable network provider and offering a free trial to test the quality of their services beforehand.

It is one of the few VPN networks with a team completely committed to the protection of your privacy − something to be thankful for, especially in an industry where you often have to trust your confidential data to someone else.

CyberGhost offers many of the same features that other quality networks provide − more than enough to ensure one’s privacy is completely protected. Let’s have a closer look at some of the key benefits.


cyberghost review pricing

One of CyberGhost’s main features is just that – it’s free and high-quality. Although non-paying option only lets users have a maximum of three hour-long sessions at one time, when it comes down to using a reliable virtual private network, it does everything you need it to.

As for subscription plans, CyberGhost has three different packages to choose from. Their premium plan is the most popular option, which is quite affordable at $6.99/month. It comes with an easy-to-use mobile app that provides access to more than 500 servers.

There is also the Premium Plus plan. It’s actually the same, except that with this plan you can use the VPN services on five different devices. This service costs just $10.99/month. If you decide on annual payments, both plans will offer significant discounts.

Mobile apps

cyberghost mobile app

CyberGhost really goes out of its way to cater to travelers and individuals who will be using its network in several different areas. They have users in over two dozen countries, proving over and over again that their services are reliable no matter the location.

Available on both Android and iOS, the mobile app is extremely easy-to-utilize and is more stable than some of the other VPN apps. Mobility is important, and CyberGhost recognizes this opportunity to put themselves at the forefront of protecting their mobile users’ privacy and security.


cyberghost review security

While there is already a number of VPNs that don’t create backups or logs of user information, CyberGhost takes this even more seriously. They know the dangers of voicing one’s opinion in a non-democratic country and work extremely hard to ensure no one would have the ability to track their users.

The security measures include 256-bit AES encryption, which is what financial institutions use. To top that off, CyberGhost has more than 250 servers in their network to seamlessly bounce IP addresses from almost an infinite number of locations.

In addition, the VPN kill switch is a security feature that will keep your IP address hidden at all times. It will automatically disconnect you from internet should your VPN go down.

Customer support

cyberghost review support

CyberGhost’s customer support is one of the best you will find in the industry. They even provide a unique problem-solving tool. There is also a FAQ section and a blog, where they continuously add articles relating to the VPN and its community. Self-help options aside, you can also contact the staff directly via email or live chat.


cyberghost review cons

One of the major complaints some reviewers have made about CyberGhost is that they have no servers in Latin America or Asia. Still, more than 250 servers in many other areas of the world could easily make up for this drawback.

Another problem is that you can’t use the mobile app without purchasing the premium plan. This may be a bit of a letdown, but you can’t expect the company to give away all of their products for free – how would they stay in business? This also applies to the complaints about the service being usable from only one device. For just an additional $3 per month, you can have 5 devices.


cyberghost review verdict

It can be hard to determine the difference between various virtual private networks. One way to stand out is to increase the download speed. CyberGhost does exactly that − you will certainly notice the faster speeds their premium subscriptions offer. With a free plan option and top-notch customer support, this is one of the better choices when deciding on a VPN. Whether you have used a virtual private network before or not, CyberGhost is bound to deliver.

To be better informed about various VPN providers, check out the reviews of other services and our list of what to look out for when choosing a virtual private network. Should you have any advice about CyberGhost or VPNs in general, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below!