Hosting Bluehost – Powerful Hosting for Your Blog

Bluehost – Powerful Hosting for Your Blog


Every business needs a website. Bluehost provides a much-needed balance of price and features for new businesses that need initial assistance, at the same time also offering a profusion of options to veteran administrators.

Shared web hosting packages

Bluehost prices

Bluehost does not tender month-to-month shared hosting options. In its place, it entails a business to sign up for an annual plan. A two-year or three-year plan offers many discounts. If one is committed to staying in business for three years, the service’s $3.95 per month rate is lucrative.

The Starter shared hosting package is $5.99 per month with a one-year contract and comprises a free domain name that one can keep as long as they use Bluehost, free domain name transfer, unlimited monthly data transfers, 100GB of storage and the ability to host a single website.

The Plus package is at $9.99 per month with a one-year contract and includes an antispam tool as well as unlimited storage, websites and mailboxes. The Business Pro package is at $19.99 per month with a one-year contract and caps all of Bluehost’s shared hosting plans with a dedicated IP address, site backup, an SSL certificate and two antispam applications.

Virtual private servers

Bluehost VPS

If one requires more power, anticipates elevated volumes of traffic or has explicit compliance requirements that prevents them from using shared servers, Bluehost’s virtual private server (or VPS) options  merit taking into consideration.

Bluehost offers four tiers of Linux-based VPS hosting, ranging from the $29.99 per month Standard (30GB of storage, 2GB of memory, and 1TB of monthly data transfers) to the $119.99 per month Ultimate (240GB of storage, 8GB of memory, 4TB of monthly data transfers). As with the shared Web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans consist of discounts for longer-term contracts.

Dedicated servers

Bluehost dedicated hosting

Bluehost has many dedicated server configurations, too. The servers start at $149 per month and can be outfitted with a Linux operating system and up to 1TB of hard drive space, 16GB of RAM, and 15TB of data transfers per month.

WordPress hosting

If a business owner desires a WordPress-powered website, they should consider Bluehost’s four Linux-based packages which are Blogger, $24.99 per month, Professional, $74.99 per month, Business, $119.99 per month and Enterprise, $169.99 per month; all come with a one-year contract. These plans are of the managed WordPress range, which means that Bluehost performs automatic site backups and protects your installation with WordPress-specific security.

Bluehost does not require an installation of the content management system, as it comes preinstalled. Once logged into WordPress, one can create pages, posts and galleries as they would with any other self-hosted WordPress site.

Wordpress hosting Bluehost

Bluehost has a limit on a site’s traffic, based on the number of visitors, but the limit is done away with if one signs up for the high-end Enterprise plan. The Web host’s storage starts at 30GB and tops out at 250GB.

Bluehost also permits one set up non-managed WordPress sites. click the control panel’s WordPress icon, go to the Mojo Marketplace, from where one can install the WordPress app. Like iPage, Bluehost lets an individual set up a fresh WordPress installation or directly import an existing one. Installation is basic and uncomplicated, and enables browsing through the marketplace for further themes and applications.

Site creation

Bluehost main page

Bluehost has a lot of tools for filtering spam, building sites, managing email, collecting site statistics and managing domains. For building a website, one can use the WordPress content management platform, upload files using FTP or File Manager, create a website using Weebly, or use the goMobi Mobile Web builder if the add-on is bought.

Weeby’s drag-and-drop feature let one quickly build a striking page complete with slideshows, social media links, contact forms and more. Weebly’s free version gives a basic flexibility but upgrading to the $8.99 per month Professional tier offers even more flexibility with custom themes, password protected pages and more.

One can moreover go to the Mojo Marketplace to download other content-management systems or site builders. It is a wholly different interface, but is required to expand a site’s competence; the marketplace is a good place to start. Using Bluehost’s Mojo Marketplace is as similar to running sister-site iPage’s marketplace.


Bluehost features

If one has a website, they will most possibly sooner or later want email accounts. Bluehost lets a business create up to 100 email addresses with its most basic plan. Other Bluehost tiers allow the creation of unlimited email addresses.

Setting up an email account in Bluehost is very hassle free. Click on the email accounts icon from the control panel and create email accounts one at a time. Besides setting a password, one can also allocate storage quotas or leave them as unlimited.


One can take hold of email-marketing tools such as DaDa Mail, $34.95 per year, software that enables you to send email-based newsletters to a subscriber list. For an online store or the facility to accept payments, one can acquire e-commerce applications such as Magento, ShopSite (for shopping cart software), and TransFirst payment gateway.

Bluehost supports PostgreSQL along with the more popular MySQL.

Security features

Bluehost service

Bluehost’s security features are pleasurably astounding. It offers three antispam tools, an Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Experts and Spam Hammer — as well as hotlink protection. One can also create filters for email accounts and users, create IP address blacklists, password-protect directories and manage private keys and digital certificates.

Bluehost offers CloudFlare, which augments performance and security features. If someone wants SSL on their site, or is troubled about distributed denial of service attacks against their site, CloudFlare is worth bearing in mind.

Rock-solid uptime

Website uptime is an imperative constituent of the Web hosting practice. If a site goes down, clients or patrons will be incapable to find or access the products or services. Bluehost is extremely steady.

Customer service

Bluehost offers 24/7 telephone support, online Web chat, a ticket-based system, and a knowledgebase.

Money-back guarantee

Bluehost’s hosting packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is standard fare in the Web hosting space.

A decent web host

Bluehost is a reputable and extremely solid Web host that makes setting up a website a pleasurable experience.