VPN & Proxy Best Proxy Sites to Bypass Regional Bans

Best Proxy Sites to Bypass Regional Bans

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In over 40 countries globally, there are sites of all types being consciously banned and restricted to specific regions for good reasons and no reason at all. Though the restriction of gambling and pornographic websites is justifiable, many religious and minority groups, social media, and blogging sites are being restricted from the regional public.

However, a solution to bypass these restrictions has been presented using proxy sites. A proxy is similar to a search engine, but instead of keywords to search you are searching a specific website, and as your region’s IP would be prevented from accessing these sites, the proxy provides its own IP to gain access and allowing the user to surf, watch, and fully enjoy the internet for their specific needs.

Other reasons for proxy

Though accessing your favorite social media or studying your favorite religion is a good personal reason to utilize a proxy, there is other reasons why web proxies are ideal to investigate and invest in.

On a daily basis, we share many details and personal information of our lives online. There are those who would seek to monitor this information against our will for their own personal or cynical reasoning. Hackers, stalkers, marketers, even the government. [ССЫЛКА НА securerr] With a web proxy, you are able to not only surf the web and access regional specific sites from anywhere; you are also able to do so securely without leaking your own information.

Hiding your IP address sounds like it is a bad thing, but to a hacker who requires it to get into your system and utilize your personal documents and bank information for their own gain, it is something that could save your well-being. You are able to set up a tunnel system between devices for direct and secure communication without the risk of someone eavesdropping on your precious information.

Locating the best proxies

There are several different proxy services and sites available to the public throughout the internet, and the listing below holds some of the best services available. Many of these sites do not require personal information, installing additional software, or the adjustments of your browser settings. Whatever your reason is for acquiring a web proxy, they are not to be used for criminal activities online. Almost all of these sites will cooperate fully with the law if they have to for the only party that will know your true IP address through a proxy server.

A list of the best proxies

Here is a collected listing of the best proxy sites available up to 2015.