Network The Basics of Computer Networking and Security

The Basics of Computer Networking and Security

Basics of networking and security

There is no question that starting a business these days is a lot easier than it once was. In the past, you not only required all kinds of equipment to run it, but you also needed manpower. However, these days, a network of computers is often all you need to get things up and running.

Still, you need to ensure that your computer security is top notch, and paying another company to handle your networking problems is not a smart move. Let’s look at some computer security basics to get you started right.

Keep security software updated

Networking basics

There’s more to your antivirus software than just installing and forgetting about it. You must ensure that it is up to date at all times. It doesn’t matter how much security software you have, if you do not make sure to update your virus definitions regularly, it means nothing.

Simply ensure you are running with the most updated virus database, whether it’s a paid version or a free version of antivirus software.

Have a single security suite

Security suite

The best way to handle your security is to have a single security solution to handle everything so that different programs don’t impede each other. A good security software will offer you all of the needed features – malware, adware, antivirus, etc.

Adjust your firewall settings

Adjust firewall settings

This will take only a few minutes of your time and save you a lot of security troubles. All who have computer networking figured out know that firewall itself may cause some conflicts. Because all of the computers in a network are connected together, there might be some permissions problems should your firewall decide to ring a false alarm. To avoid this, just make sure that you have the firewall setting set right.

These three basic principles should provide a good foundation for your networking security. If you can come up with more, share them in the comments and don’t forget to read about Windows Firewall and security and privacy on the internet.