VPN & Proxy 5 Best VPNs for Fast And Cheap Torrent Downloads

5 Best VPNs for Fast And Cheap Torrent Downloads

Best VPNs for torrents

The names torrenting, “downloading”, P2P (peer-to-peer), and file-sharing all essentially mean the same thing. Namely, obtaining content via the BitTorrent protocol. The manner in which the BitTorrent protocol works, however, means that VPNs for torrenting are vital if you wish to protect yourself while downloading.

BitTorrent is an efficient way to download files, and the fact that no centralized servers are essential ensures its popularity among those undaunted with copyright issues.

The right VPN can completely ensure anonymity of your torrent traffic. But selecting the best VPN for torrenting can be tough (especially with so many websites recommending different providers). This article only recommends VPN companies that keep minimal logs (or no logs whatsoever) and are extremely torrent-friendly.

#1 IPVanish


IPVanish VPN is one of the world’s most popular VPN services, especially for torrent downloads. They are widely recognized as one of the fastest VPN services in the world.

IPVanish’s parent company (Highwinds Network Group) owns one of the largest Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and data backbone’s in the world (hence the high speeds). The founder of IPVanish, a pioneer of UseNet/NewsGroup technology, still provides the network a big chunk of the Usenet traffic online.

More importantly IPVanish keeps no logs of their customers’ VPN activity (there are only a few non-logging VPNs in the world). Their ‘No-Logs Policy’ means it’s virtually impossible to trace torrent activity to a specific account.

#2 CyberGhostVPN


CyberGhost has excellent IP-leak protection, through built-in features like IPv6 leak protection and their kill-switch technology.

Fortunately, their P2P file sharing has grown with them. You will be able to do P2P file-sharing on a wide range of their servers. Their VPN kill switch is also incredibly useful for protecting your privacy when your VPN connection drops while you are sharing.

They also fully allow torrenting on all premium plans. Couple this with their 256-bit encryption and a wide assortment of server locations (including torrent-friendly countries) and CyberGhost seems like a solid choice

CyberGhost‘s metadata logging policy is extremely unclear.

#3 Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is already a legendary VPN among torrent users. They were one of the world’s first VPN companies to introduce a true ‘no-logs’ policy, and their popularity has grown rapidly ever since.

PIA now has at least 10 competitors claiming to be ‘non-logging’ VPNs as well, but few (if any) can offer the same level of security, torrent-friendliness, and price that Private Internet Access is famous for. Private Internet Access matches or exceeds the industry standard on nearly all encryption, security, and privacy standards.

Unlike most VPNs, PIA enables torrenting on ALL VPN servers. They are able to do this through a inimitable solution where they will reroute torrent traffic (and only torrent traffic) through a secondary VPN if you’re torrenting on certain high-risk servers (USA, Australia, UK, etc.). It is a clever solution (and completely behind-the-scenes so most users aren’t even aware it’s happening).

Since PIA keeps no logs, the identity of torrent downloaders using their service is consistently kept a secret, and your true IP address won’t appear in uTorrent swarms (as long as you have an active VPN connection).

#4 PureVPN


PureVPN is among the finest torrent VPNs for truly anonymous torrenting. Its large number of fast proxy servers and easy-to-use app make PureVPN ideal for anonymizing your torrent activities. In fact, PureVPN’s app is practically idiot proof when it comes to which settings to use.

PureVPN allows P2P file sharing and BitTorrent on many of its servers. The Split Tunnelling feature lets you choose specific traffic to go through the VPN. That way, you can keep certain activities secure and consent other, more data-hungry functions, to get all the access they need.

Appealing to beginners and intermediate torrenters alike, PureVPN routes your torrent traffic through the country exit gateway server you choose, hiding your true IP address from potential intruders, and encrypts your traffic.

This concealing of your IP address, encrypting of your traffic and routing your file-sharing activities through torrent-friendly servers and jurisdictions is an amalgamation that makes your torrent activities anonymous and safe, whether from your ISP or third party snoops.

#5 HideIPVPN


HideIPVPN is quite well known VPN provider name that is dedicated to make your internet traffic appear from UK, Canada,  Germany, Netherlands or the US.

With HideIPVPN you are able to access country-restricted sites like Pandora, BBC iPlayer, NBC, ABC and HULU. You can unblock VOIP services such as Skype also.

The Premium service proposes an unlimited bandwidth account and encrypted VPN technology empowers you to select freely between L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols. Another significant factor here is that they do not store online activity logs; hereby your browsing and download history is at no time saved anywhere.

HideIPVPN has an unlimited speed and there are no download caps or speeds restrictions, so if your Internet connection speed is fast, you can use VPN as much as you need to. Additionally, Premium users can liberally switch between servers. Hence if your account provides you an access to more than one server, there is option for you to choose the one that suit your needs the most.