VPN & Proxy New to VPN? Look to These 3 Newbie-Friendly Providers

New to VPN? Look to These 3 Newbie-Friendly Providers

VPN provider recommendation

If you’re in the market for VPN service, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of service providers out there, not all of which are worth their salt. Not all VPN service providers are created equal and you will have to thoroughly evaluate the service providers you are considering to ensure that the services they provide meet your needs.

To that end, in order to make the daunting task of selecting a VPN provider that bit easier, we have hand-picked three service providers that have been operating for a very long time and have consistently delivered a secure VPN service. These providers have sufficiently met our selection criteria and incorporate all features and protocols that you would look for in an ideal provider. They have also had huge success and positive feedback during their time of operation making them ideal for all your VPN needs.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

By far one of the best in terms of value, Private Internet Access provides all the features we would expect from a premium VPN service provider for a fraction of the cost. It has more than 2000 servers in more than 15 countries across the world giving you plenty of choice and increasing the likelihood that you’ll find servers in your preferred country. Like a good VPN provider should, they support OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols, with OpenVPN being the best among the lot and L2TP/IPsec primarily catering to mobile devices.

It allows up to 5 connections simultaneously which means you can set it up on multiple devices or set it up with your router to allow coverage to the whole family. For people looking for complete anonymity, they don’t log user-activity and accept credit cards, bitcoin, and even gift cards from major supermarket which will let you pay for the service without leaving a cash trail.

With unlimited bandwidth to stream videos, music and movies, Private Internet Access comes at an astonishing price of $6.95/month on a monthly contract or $3.33/month if you prepay for the year which provides the best value.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass

Having been in operation for a very long time with a reputation of providing reliable VPN service, Hide My Ass stands shoulder to shoulder with Private Internet Access in terms of service. It has more than 800 exit nodes in 200 countries across the globe, and supports all three VPN protocols like PIA. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and a maximum of two concurrent computer connections, but the service can be set-up with your home router to grant access to the entire household.

It offers all the primary features PIA does and adds to them by offering various anonymizing services like anonymous email and link forwarding. The extra services and the cost of maintaining services in 200 countries does push their price up a bit compared to IPA, with a month-to-month subscription costing $9.99 and $4.99/month if you’re prepaying for the year.


TunnelBear VPN

If you’re not sure whether acquiring a VPN service will be beneficial to you, or if you just want to try it out, a free TunnelBear account will be a great option. It’s free VPN service is limited in terms of bandwidth and connection, but has provided reliable service for many years.

The free service only allows one user one connection at a time is limited to a bandwidth of 500MBs per month, which is nothing if you’re looking to carry out heavy browsing but should prove sufficient for use on mobile devices for light browsing.

It does provide an option to upgrade your account to a paid subscription which offers more premium services, on par with the two providers detailed above. For $6.99/month or $4.16/month for a yearly prepayment, you get to have a unlimited bandwidth, 5 concurrent connections. It has exit nodes in 14 countries but doesn’t reveal how many servers it maintains.

These are but three recommendations that we have had experience with, that will provide solutions for all your basic VPN needs, from securing your connection against prying eyes and covering your tracks, to getting rid of the bandwidth limitations your ISP keeps posing on your connection. But, you may want to search the internet for other alternatives and review customer forums in order to compare various service providers before you opt for one.